Surgical Pass-Through Cabinet

SterilKleen® stainless steel surgical pass-through cabinet for the transfer of items to and from contained environments such as operating rooms or specialized labs.


SterilKleen® Stainless Steel Surgical Pass-Through Cabinet

The SterilKleen® stainless steel surgical pass-through through was designed for the transfer of important items to and from contained environments such as operating rooms or specialized labs.

The pull out drawer style trays allow for delivery of numerous items, from prepping and safety components and other surgical supplies without entering the room.

The cabinet’s in-wall mounting style and optional large centered viewing window also allow it to be used for observation of procedures without interference.

Complete stainless body and door panel construction allow for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance. Options Include removable shelves for the upper cabinet, as well as custom drawer configurations.

Made in the USA

This cabinet, like most of G2’s products, is fully customizable. These high quality stainless steel products are built in our facility in Texas. Optional features can include 316L stainless steel construction, glass viewing windows, customer specific cabinet sizing, different shelf quantities, and more. G2 offers a full spectrum of stainless steel furniture and equipment for laboratory, hospital, medical and other industry facilities.

More Info

More information about this product available on G2’s EnviroPass® line of products at

Surgical Pass Through Cabinet

Model Number

Surgical Pass-Through Cabinet

  • Model Number: GAT-EPPT-SS304-SUPT-01-SS


  • Dimensions: 20”D x 30”W x 72”H Overall Overall
  • Custom Sizes and Configurations Available


  • Durable SS 304 #3 16 Ga. Construction with a #3 Brushed Finish
  • Double Doors
  • Three(3) Heavy Duty Drawers with Stainless Drawer Pulls
  • Multi-Point Latch


  • Removable Shelves
  • Glass Viewing Window
  • Glass Windows in Doors
  • Sloped Top
  • Custom Drawers
  • Custom Sizing
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel
  • 316L Stainless Steel with Brushed Finish


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