Quality Stainless Steel Equipment and Furnishing Solutions

SterilKleen® brand products by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, are made in the USA and are fully customizable.

Providing stainless steel case carts, cabinets, casework, desks, gowning room equipment, sinks, tables and more since 1999, G2 prides itself on quality construction and offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on everything we build.

G2 understands that clean, organized handling and storage of instruments and equipment is critical in any clean room, food processing, laboratory, medical, or research environment. Our cabinets, case carts, and casework are designed with this in mind.

Customer service, manufacturing, engineering, product design and development, and sales are all performed in G2's facility in Texas.  This ensures TOTAL customer satisfaction throughout the production life cycle.


Manufactured with 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish standard, SterilKleen® products offer durable, easy-to-clean surfaces for critical areas.

Most of our products can also be built with 316 stainless for an even higher grade of corrosion resistance and resilience.

Attention to detail is one of our hallmarks. TIG-welded seams, heavy duty stainless steel hardware, and other features, keep your equipment functioning day after day.


SterilKleen® products are built in our facility and crafted to fit your needs.

Every customer site has unique specifications that require unique solutions. We build custom solutions every day.

Designing stainless steel medical equipment and furnishings since 1999, our skilled team works with customers to identify the best solution, guide customers around possible pitfalls based upon our 20 years of experience, and provide a quote for the final product quickly to meet your requirements.

Quality Made in the USA

SterilKleen® products are manufactured in our facility located in Dallas, Texas.

We control the process throughout to ensure quality each step of the way - from design and material selection, to welding and assembly of your final product.

Accurate communication and knowledgeable personnel are key, otherwise you may not get the result you expected. That's why working directly with the manufacturer is your best choice to ensure success for your project.


SterilKleen® products built by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, come standard with our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

G2 guarantees our products against manufacturer defects and workmanship failures for the life of the product.

SterilKleen® products are quality built for a lifetime of service.

Built right and built to last, contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll stand behind every solution we provide.

SterilKleen®  - Made in the USA

SterilKleen® and other G2 products are fabricated in the USA using Type 304 Stainless Steel (with optional Type 316 Stainless Steel, or other materials, according to your specifications) to ensure many years of lasting performance in all research , hospital, laboratory and other medical facilities.

Lifetime Worksmanship Warranty

G2 includes a standard lifetime worksmanship warranty on all our products.

Welded stainless steel equipment from G2 is built to stand-up to the rigors of constant use in some of the most demanding environments.

Quality Components = Quality Results

Since 1999, G2 has stood behind every product we build and sell. Attention to detail, special enhancements, and other quality improvements go into everything we make.

Custom Products - Direct from the Manufacturer

By working with G2, you are dealing with the source of your products. We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements. This provides you the best results specifically tailored to your application and specifications.

Design Your Operating Room

Designing a new facility, updating a surgery room, remodeling a laboratory?  Whether you are seeking new exam tables, updated gowning benches, additional scrub sinks, or expanded work surfaces, G2 can provide solutions for all your stainless steel equipment and furnishing needs.

Our team can assist you with your design requirements. From biologically safe pass-through consoles to clean, organized storage of surgical instruments and supplies, G2 SterilKleen and other medical brands are a complete resource to outfit your space.

Custom hospital, medical, operating room, and surgery center products are designed special for your requirements. Every facility is unique. Therefore our solutions are built uniquely to meet your needs. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a custom quote for quality products manufactured in the USA.

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